The Workbench Music project came to life in 1998, following a fling with the European demoscene of the mid-nineties.*

1998 was a long time ago and the music has changed quite a bit over the years. The first two releases were heavily influenced by my experience with Trackers and were entirely produced with Fast Tracker 2. Everything thereafter is a mix of MIDI and software instruments. My current obsession is with the incredible sound of the Virus.

The music within was composed, produced & arranged in the city of Li├Ęge, Belgium (where I was born) and the Niagara region in Ontario, Canada (where I live).

The name thing

Workbench is the name of the operating system for the Amiga, the computer that introduced me (and many others) to affordable electronic music composition. It simply stuck as an homage to the machine that made this whole thing possible.


* The good old days, with groups Calodox & Level-D.